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GDPR workflow

An easier way to become and remain GDPR compliant

Taking the confusion out of GDPR

Pre-populated based on the ICO guidance, GDPR workflow is designed for you to configure based on how your business works. 

Supported by a four stage onboarding process, we'll help you put your GDPR requirements in place and retain this compliance as part of how you do business. 

“Having the right mindset towards data protection helps to future proof a business. It will put it in the right place to keep up with legislation.”

Elizabeth Denham, ICO Commissioner

How it works

Build your GDPRworkflow

GDRPworkflow provides a multi-user SaaS platform that is pre-configured around the ICO guidance for GDPR. 

You won't be alone.  We'll be supporting you through a four stage process to answer your questions and help you configure the framework of GDPR for your business. 

It's GDPR made easy.